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Vitaderm Facials

Is a result orientated range which combines the latest advances in ingredients research with natural plant extracts and essential oils to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits.    
Time Cost
Aromatic Complex Facial 60 min
R 330
A sensorial facial with a relaxing massage that is performed with shea butter. An appropriate masque is then used to end of this sensational experience.    
Salicylic Exfoliant Facial 60 min
R 370
Removes dead skin cells, thereby reducing congestion. It has a deep pore-cleansing effect.    
Purifying Treatment 60 min
 R 360
This antiseptic and soothing treatment is suited for all skin types. It has a deep cleansing action.    
Hydro-Intensive Gel Therapy Facial 75 min
R 440
It provides a lasting radiance, and acts as an intensive booster treatment.    
Teen Facial 45min R 270
A cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, high frequency mask and moisturiser.
Firming Sauna Facial 90 min R 460
This treatment offers the ultimate in firming and toning effects. The sauna masque treatment is highly recommended for skins in need of a surge of moisture and smoothing of fine dehydration lines.
Intensive Brightening Facial  75min
R 560
Its rich in anti-oxidants. Helps to flush excess pigment. It boosts hydration levels dramatically and increases suppleness.    
Fruit Acid Peel (May To September Only) 60 min R 370
This bled of naturally occurring fruit acids is highly effective as an intensive exfoliation treatment. The result is a radiant complexion.
Lactic Acid Peel (May To September Only) 60 min R 390
Lactic acid is a naturally occurring acid that has the ability to revitalize the complexion. This is more intensive than the Fruit Acid Peel and therefore renew and revitalize the skin.
Collagen Induction Facial 60 min R 1 265
An advanced, skin rejuvenation treatment which stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. Resulting in a smoother, firmer, even toned and more youthful looking skin.


Galvanic  R 50
Hand or foot paraffin Dip
   R 70
Single High Frequency
   R 50


Eyelash & Brow Tint and Shape    R 180
Eyelash Tint
 R 80
Brow Tint
 R 70
Brow / Chin / Lip wax
 R 70
Under arm
 R 155
Arm wax
 R 175
Chest / Back
   R 175
Bikini Wax
 R 180
Brazilian Wax (Landing Strip)
   R 255
Hollywood Wax (All Off)
 R 260
1\2 Leg Wax
   R 210
3\4 Leg Wax
   R 270
Full Leg Wax
   R 285
Combo : Face Wax  
 R 210
Combo : Bikini and Thigh Wax  
 R 340


 45 min 
 R 185
French Manicure
 60 min  R 200
Paraffin Manicure
 75 min
 R 225
Pedicure  60 min
 R 220
French Pedicure
 75 min
 R 230
Paraffin Pedicure
 90 min
 R 300
Medi Peel Pedicure
 90 min
 R 300
Foot peel treatment
 30 min
 R 175
File & Paint hands or feet  30 min
 R 150
File & Paint hands & feet  60 min  R 220
Kids Mini Mani & Pedi (Ages 5-12 y/o)  60 min  R 210
Combo: Manicure and Pedicure  150 min  R 390

Full Set French / Clear  R 370
 R 370
Full Set Tips With Nail Art Overlay  R 460
 R 460
Overlay With Manicure  R 310
 R 310
Overlay  R 290
 R 290
Nail Art Overlay  R 350
 R 350
Fill  R 300
 R 300
Buff And Gloss  R 180  R 180
Gel Toes Overlay  -
 R 210
Pedicure And Gel Toes Overlay  -
 R 385
Repair (Per Nail)  R 50  R 50
Soak Off  R 90
 R 90
Soak Off with Manicure  R 250
 R 250
Soak Off with File and Paint  R 200
 R 200
Nail Art Gems / Stickers (Per Nail)
 R 5
 R 5
Gelish Overlay    R 250
Gelish Manicure Overlay    R 300
Gelish Pedicure Overlay    R 330
Gelish Toe Overlay    R 200
Gelish Soak Off    R 70
Gelish Nail Art Overlay    R 280
Indian Head / Back & Neck
 30 min
 R 210
Back & Neck Massage  45 min
 R 260
Anti-Stress (Scalp, Back & Foot) Massage  45 min
 R 330
Hot Stone Back Massage  45 min  R 330
Full Body Massage  75 min
 R 395
Hot Stone Full Body Massage  90 min
 R 495
Kids Back Neck & Shoulder Massage (5-12 y/o)  30 min
 R 190
Foot Massage (Foot & Ankle Exfoliation and Massage)  40 min
 R 200


Eyeliner - Top OR Bottom
 R 650
Eyeliner - Top & Bottom
 R 1100
Eyebrows Shading
 R 1100
Eyebrow Microblading
 R 1100
Lip Liner Blending
 R 1100
Full Lip Contouring
 R 2000

Please Note: All prices include Touch Up

Special Occasion
   R 300
Bridal Make-up & Trail
   R 620
* Parties of 5 and more get 10% on Special Occasion     Make-Up
* Call out fee available on request.


* Late arrivals will result in full treatment price and your treatment time will be reduced accordingly.

* Please cancel your appointment if you cannot make it, a penalty of R 40 will be charged with your next appointment,
if you do not cancel your appointment 8 hours before your treatment (No Exceptions!)

*We recommend that you arrive 10min prior to your first appointment, to fill out a client card.

*No cheques accepted, Cash, Debit and Credit Cards welcome.

*We cannot be responsible for any theft, damage and misfortune that will occur with any personal items.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice & E & OE.
All treatments before 8am and after 6pm will be charged at an additional R100 (one hundred rand).

*All treatments canceled without 24hours notice will be charged at 50% of the booked treatment amount.

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